Save 30% of your administrative time

Through our online booking platform

Reduces 70% of cancellations and no-shows

Reduce last minute cancellations and absences in one click.

Adapts to the new behaviors of patients

Give your patients access to your availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and communicate with them more easily with our automatic appointment reminders

Bring a new service for your patients

Appear in Doctolibre and get optimal visibility online with millions of potential visitors every month

Are you a practitioner ?

Discover making appointment online!

The patient selects and obtains an appointment - You receive a notification instantly and the patient receives confirmation and appointment reminders.
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160 000
Soon 1M visits per month
1 millions
1 000

Doctorlib recruits

150 employees

Get discovered. Introduce yourself, and we’ll get in touch if there’s a role that seems like a good match.
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